Dear visitors,

From 21 July 2021, in accordance with government announcements, access to the Royal Fortress of Chinon
requires the presentation of a health certificate:

Together, let's continue to apply the barrier measures.

See you soon at the Royal Fortress of Chinon!




The site is accessible throughout for children and families are very welcome at the Royal Fortress of Chinon.

For children, a visit to a medieval fortress is always a source of imagination and adventure.  Models and other mediation tools can be found around the Fortress, to accompany them in their discovery.

Activities and Histopad help younger visitors to develop their curiosity and share it with their family.

Ten rights of the kids

From July 3th to August 31st


Regular outdoor guided tours every day (30 minutes).
Only in French


La P'tite visite, new in 2021

Fancy to have a fun and sensory experience with your children?
The P'tite visite takes you and your family on a 30-minute discovery tour.
What is the purpose of a castle? Who lives there? Why is it all broken up?
Let yourself be surprised...

Every day at 11am
Only on reservation: +33 (0)2 47 93 13 45 (15 people maximum).
Only in French

Discover the art of war in the Middle Ages, through our  daily activities:


Bricole and trebuchet

Firing demonstrations with our reproductions of war machines.
Only in French

De taille et d'estoc, new in 2021

Presentation of the weapons, gestures and postures used in medieval fencing.
This art of fighting with long swords was reserved for the princes and knights of the Middle Ages.

Every day at 4pm, one or the other of the two activities.
No reservation required

Only in French


Dates:  Every day from July, 3th to August, 31st 2021     

Public: Suitable for all

Price: Included in Admission price